Elaine C.

So happy with this purchase. The quality is great, shipping was fast and simple and it works exactly how it says. Buying a couple more for the kitchen and other washrooms.

Lorraine A.

Love this mat. It stays dry to the touch and feels so much nicer than stepping onto a damp bathmat. Its also easy to keep clean with a vacuum and a wipe. Definitely prefer this over a regular bathmat and highly recommend.

Jessica M.

This mat is a game changer! Exceptional product quality, prompt customer service. I highly recommend this mat to anyone seeking top-notch products and exceptional service.

Sienna C.

Fast delivery. The mats have helped to keep the bathroom clean and dry, unlike typical bath mats. No more dangerous and slippery floors after the kids have their showers. The mats dry so quickly, they are a game changer!

Olivia T.

Delighted with my recent purchase! Quality shines through, adding a wonderful touch to my space. Enjoyable shopping experience, from browsing to receiving the well-packaged item. Highly recommend!

Erin L.

Exceptional! This mat really lives up to its description and I just with I knew about it earlier!

Sophia W.

Impressed by the thought and care in design and production. Beautifully packaged item with outstanding quality. User-friendly website and timely delivery made for a fantastic experience. Definitely a repeat customer!

Zoe L.

Amazing mat! Still blown away with how it actually works. It feels great on the feet, is stable and doesn't move around and looks great!

Diane L.

Well worth the money. My kids were constantly saturating the mat every shower and I was going through 2 mats a night. I haven't had that problem since getting this mat.

May E.

Bought 2 of these for my parents as I needed something that would keep them safe from falls, trips and slips. Highly recommend these mats for anyone with elderly or kids - much better and safer than your normal cloth/shag pile mats. Thank you!

Isla W.

We have 3 in our bathroom now and about to get some for the kitchen. I love how neat and effective it is, no more messy rugs in the bathroom. Just stylish functional and safe!

David P.

Best mat I've ever used!


Fast Dry Bath Mat (Stone Grey)

The ultimate in safety, style and functionality our sleek dry-fast, super-absorbent, anti-slip and easy-wash design means more time for living.

With a beautifully smooth and soft velveteen foot-feel, you'll...

$65.00 $99.00

Ashley W.

I was skeptical at first but now honestly it's the best mat ever!! it totally works and absorbs all the water and then your floors are dry and clean. Delightful!! Gonna get a couple for the laundry!

Fiona N.

Awesome feel to the feet and absorbs well. Greatly minimises wet floorings.

Keira H.

Love it! The kids aren't trekking rivers through the house anymore. Works like a charm and a good deal in my opinion!

Bianca H.

This is one of the best bathmats I have ever used. It's perfect.

Nada D.

I love the quality of these mats. Soaks in the water, so easy to wash and then dries so quickly. Saves time and effort. Truly amazing!

Maggie S.

These mats are amazing. I have high gloss tiles and they stick like glue to the tile, don't move and are very absorbing. So pleased with it, i bought another one for the spare bathroom.

Jennifer C.

We love our new bathmat. It was such a researched buy to ensure the safety of our 2 little kids. The other mats we bought up until now had all made their step stools slip and the bathmat slide while they were on them. This mat definitely delivers with their promise of a non-slip mat. So easy to clean and dries quickly. This is a great mat for families.

Super-absorbent. Quick drying. 100% anti-slip.

Evaia bath mats are designed so you can reclaim your time for things you really love. With superior functionality, safety and minimal maintenance, you'll never look back.

Watch the water from your feet magically disappear into the sleek layers of this amazing mat. The secret lies in a layer of durable absorbent sponge infused with diatomaceous earth - a safe and super absorbent substance that can hold up to 150% of its weight in water.

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Superior Safety and Hygiene

Superior safety

No more bunching, sliding, folding and snagging with a traditional shaggy pile bath mat. With a grippy natural rubber backing and a soft, low profile non-slip top surface, you and this mat ain't moving - safety first!

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Anti-mould and bacteria

Millions of micropores in the spongy diatomite layer makes the evaporation of water immediate and rapid, leaving you with a quick and self-dry mat, discouraging the growth of mould and bacteria.

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Unlike traditional bath mats, there's no shaggy pile for dust and allergens to hide and cause irritation.

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Easy to wash

Simply give it a wash with water in the shower or bath then let it self-dry. No need to take up valuable space, time and detergent in the washing machine. High five!

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Freedom for the important things

Let the Evaia Fast Dry bath mat do the work, effortlessly soaking up the splashes and keeping your family safe, while YOU get to relax and enjoy making the connections that most matter.

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